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Humor etc


I wonder if we could get a freebie for posting a new thread or two in ‘humor’ or ‘suggestions’, over and above the one new thread per week limit?
Like, is THIS post my one thread for the week?
Would a joke be my one thread?

One thread to lead them all and on the Forum bind them?? :laughing:


Hey Dave

How about we institute a sort of barter system, whereby members who don’t post very often can ‘trade’ a thread with those who have a lot to get off their chests. So, for example, Thor ‘Fingers’ Thorgerson from Boise, Idaho, who joined the forum in 1908 but has never opened his mouth, could post a thread on, say, Christian symbolism in early episodes of The Simpsons on my behalf, thereby allowing me to initiate a discussion on a very important subject without using up my thread quota for the week. Thor Thorgerson would get the kudos for thinking up a brilliant discussion subject, and everybody’s happy.





PS You just used up your thread quota for the week making a plea for lenience in the thread quota for the week rule.



I know…I was counting on leniency. Hoping for some ‘easy grace’. :smiley:

The barter system is ingenious but perhaps not that workable?


You’re right, Dave. Thor Thorgerson just PM’d me and said it wouldn’t work. Surprised to hear from him, obviously :laughing: .

And hey, big moment looming for you - your 1,000th post is imminent! :smiley:




i did not know that. How cool would it be to hit 999 posts and just stay there?? :sunglasses:


Ultra cool. But I bet you $1,000 cash in hand right now you couldn’t do it :smiley: .

And I also observe that we are approaching 1,000 members - 990 right now and counting. Could we be about to witness an extraordinary moment of synchronicity, Dave Bagwill’s 1,000th post coinciding with our 1,000th member joining - kind of like the alignment of the planets in 2001 A Space Odyssey?

Or perhaps not …



PS I think you’ll find ‘humor’ is actually spelt ‘humour’ Dave. Check out the OED.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


And ‘spelt’ is actually spelled - “spelled” :laughing: :laughing:

The confluence of the 1,000’s would be, I don’t know, just plain weird. I am now thinking up dozens of aliases to make that happen.



You’re now in a bind, mate. Use up your last five posts before the 1,000 and you blow it. Can you bear the tension?! :laughing:


You see what I did there? Tried to goad you into posting.

Only four left now …


Yes — In Great Britain and Canada (where I live).
But in the good, old. U.S. of A.?——— “humor”.

You can actually test whether a person was raised in the U.S. by asking him to pronounce “shone”. A U.S. person pronounces it to rhyme with “bone”.
We in Canada, and also in Great Britain, pronounce it to rhyme with “gone”.


Yeah, I worked with a gal from Canada who pronounced ‘scone’ (phone) as ‘scon’ (con). There is no call for that, since American is the mother tongue. :laughing:


Thanks for the suggests. I’ve added the Report a problem or suggest a way to improve the forum to the list of exceptions. I can see the other ideas have some merit so I’ll discuss them further with the Mod/Adms :slight_smile:


Thanks, Alex. :smiley:


Why not post again on a humour thread you’ve already started :slight_smile: I put loads of jokes onto just two threads.




Hi Dave,

Your appeal for Humour :laughing: see new Thread I opened yesterday St Peter Welcomes Good Lady at the Gate.

Michael in Barcelona