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I Awoke to a Dream (3/7/11)

I awoke to dreams many times during my early adulthood in the 1980s, but such memories of dreams somehow waned. Nonetheless, this Monday morning (3/7/11) I awoke to a dream:

I felt in great athletic shape while I wore New York Yankees pinstripes and a baseball glove. I suddenly understood that the Yankees picked me to replace Derek Jeter at shortstop. I decided that I needed to intensely work on my throws to second base and first base. After a short while, I started to question to myself why they picked me because I was forty-seven years old, almost ten years older than the supposedly aging Jeter. I also started to literally hear my wife asking me a question while I began to awake. I wanted to go back to finish my dream, but I still awoke.

I believe dreams have various sources while some dreams come from God. I suppose this might have been a dream from God, regardless that I no longer have athletic aspirations comparable to replacing Jeter as the Yankees shortstop. If this was a dream from God, then it was a symbolic dream with inherent conditions. Regardless of the unknown elements of this dream, I look forward to seeing the fulfillment of this dream.!/notes/james-goetz/i-awoke-to-a-dream-3711/205436282802813