I don't know if anyone else here has seen this, but...


There is a book out there that I’ve just become aware of through Martin Zender’s promotion of this book; here’s a little info.:

“It is my pleasure to introduce a unique book by
German-born theologian E.F. Stroeter. Writing
at the beginning of the 20th century, Stroeter
expounds upon topics familiar to us, but with such
rare insight that everything seems new. The book
was painstakingly translated into English by J.H.
Tonn of Roseburg, OR, and edited by his daughter,
Rebecca E. Tonn, of Colorado Springs, CO. This is
an in-depth work for the mature saint.”

The title of the book is:

The Gospel of God’s Reconciliation of All in Christ.

It looks really interesting, of particular interest to folks like myself and Aaron is that this particular author’s view is that The LOF and second death are figurative. It would be interesting to see how he works his way to this conclusion!

By the way, I can’t seem to find the English translation version anywhere online except Martin Zender’s publisher’s site, Stark and Hartmann, Inc. But any book order from him before the beginning of the year includes a free copy of this book!


Sounds interesting, please give a review as or after you read it :sunglasses:


I’m thinking of doing that, now that I’m actually getting around to reading it! :laughing:


Martin Zender is a riot in his videos. :laughing: I absolutely love him. I never heard of this book though. Have you ever read “If Grace is True” and “If God is Love”? Both are written by the same authors, actually the books are co-authored.

If I was not already a Universalist these two books definitely would have changed my mind.

God Bless…


Well, Martin Zender didn’t write this book, but he has made it available in the English translation via his website and publisher; He thinks it’s that good.

Zender is a riot in his books as well. My favorite lines from him are in his book “How to quit church without quitting God”.

I don’t always agree with him, but I do appreciate his points and the way he makes them.

I haven’t read the two books you’ve mentioned. I’m not even sure I’ve heard of the second one.


Oh ok, I see.

I’ve never read any of his books. I mostly watch his videos on You-tube, but I can only imagine. I like that line on how to quit church without quitting God. He definitely has a way of making his points. :laughing:

Those are two of the best Universalist books I’ve ever read. I was convinced and I already was convinced. :laughing: