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I found curious thing


I am new here, yet been following this forum some time, also i am more or less strugling to have faith
for christian universalism. I do think this A LOT , since it was my “main” belief during childhood
and teens. Anyway…

Do consider these…


Do you love yourself?
Do you want get saved?


Do you love neighbor as yourself?
As all humans are your… “neigbors”…
So you must wish all to them e saved?

First of all… im from Finland… I just hoped neigbor (fellow man?) was correct translation.
I just got this thing like snap… and I was amazed… becouse
I have suffered somekind of persecution by “proper” christians often when I take this issue up.
And I felt… how I can get judged by hoping something good? Or hoping God would be very mercifull?
Anyway… this thing… is very good argument for “classical chrstian” …
IF they keep the commandent … love your neigbor as youself… or wish themselves to be saved…
logically they should wish everybody else get saved…
So… there.
GOd Bless everybody!


ps: mods pls do move to better sub forum if this was wrong pick…


Welcome, Zamson! I think a comment I just made here, which includes the basic tenets of evangelical universalism, could be of help to you.

Antakoon Herra edelleen ohjata sinua kaikkeen totuuteen. (May the Lord continue to guide you into all truth.)

Yes Welcome Zamson!! We look forward to hearing from you often. I think you are the only Finn on the forum that we know of.

“Speak Friend, and enter!”

Speak friend… riddles… ystävä :wink:

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to Dave

just for being aware tolkien used finnish as base for other elvish language…

ty both for nice welcome…

there is complicated matters and then there is simple… and when I realised
this thing which made me create account here… I am well aware its “simple”…
yet sometimes simple is basic , basic = fundamental…

what is fundamental… hm… well I mean
I think I really found some fundamental argument against some … hm.
attitude… and this is … like… is like… we can pretend to áctually know
what God think…but… from Bible we can read… and what we should think.
And for… this particular category… I say…
I found something… … actual… well for this crowd
of forums of this forum… it might seem light weight… But
in what comes to very basic chrsitian principles… well. Do read it again.
This does not take part of what GOd thinks… but this does perfectly take part what us
are supposed to think… by Bible. and by some very essential rules…

Thats it.


ps: there is different categories which may effect eachother… this is something for christian
who likes to think he/she follows rules … does they like rules after logical destination of this one?

Hei, Zamson. It’s great to have you on board. I’m looking forward to your contributions. I’m from the north of Scotland - not as far north as you, but we sometimes enjoyed the midnight sun.

Sam - You’re welcome!
As for ‘light weight’ - if I understand what you mean - those ‘simple’ truths are sometimes the deepest of all - like you said fundamental. I agree.

inversssian: well im from helsinki… thats kind of close as nothern scotloand…well ok…
you are north! haha north enough…
if that matters… hm


inverssian: not sure if you are aware but this “game of thrones” thing… did set this… idea
of north… and “true north” haha


(ok it was not too hard… ty)