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I Peter 3:18-4:6 and Post-Mortem Conversion

Helo everyone. GOt a question. DOes anyone have any good rsources on I Pter 3:18-4:6 as it relates to Christ preaching to the spirits in prison as well as Christ evangelizing the dead? I am a proponent of post-mortem conversion, and I am looking for resources on this particular text in I Peter to help me better understand the text, my beliefs, and how to explain it. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum, OL! :smiley:

I synthesized together a lot of discussion on these verses in my ExCom notes entry, here: JRP's Exegetical Compilation: 1 Peter 3:18-4:18

Of course there are some other ways and theories of looking at them, but I think the conclusions there are pretty close to the post-mortem evangelization and salvation you’re thinking of. :slight_smile:

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