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If Bishop Curry promoted UR at royal wedding, he's the most widely heard universalist ever!

Bishop Curry’s royal wedding sermon caused quite a stir. In it, he repeatedly said that Jesus “died to save us all!” Was he promoting Universalism, the belief that Jesus will save each and every person who will ever exist?

It’s hard to say. I don’t find any social media or articles, articulating his theology. Even from Wiki - Michael Curry (bishop)

I agree. When someone says “God died to save all”, I’d wager 98% or more mean that it is merely available to all.

Maybe this article might help at Was Bishop Curry preaching Universalism at the royal wedding.

Let me share the author’s conclusion:

So was Curry preaching Christian Universalism at the royal wedding? For the reasons I’ve given, I think he was, although it may not have been intentional. Often enthusiastic preachers who promote both God’s love for everyone and God’s infinite ability, end up preaching what is essentially Universalism.

Do you realise I wrote that article :smile:

What did you make of my points attempting to counter that?

I agree that Arminians would agree with most of it but unlike an Arminian, he didn’t seem to put the breaks on God’s ability, nor did he start talking about our free will.

Other Christians in his denomination have commented on my article on Facebook saying their denomination allows Universalists, that they themselves are and suspect Curry is too…

Sorry, I didn’t read them. I wasn’t even aware you made a counter case. That said, when someone is alive, I don’t like to throw more than a passing speculation regarding their beliefs based on what they have said. If someone is dead, by all means, I mean, that is what we do with Gregory of Nyssa and some of the other church fathers. But, again, when someone is alive, I’d rather hear it from them without ambiguity. In other words, he very well could be, but it would be up to him to come out and state this, I think, and do so unambiguously.

I liked the last paragraph in your article. I agree.