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Interesting 14 Minute Video About Revelation 20:10


  1. The “Lake of Fire” is symbolic for the gold refiner’s crucible, because God will refine unbelievers. The author uses Proverbs 17:3 to back this claim. The reason the Apostle John mentions “sulfur”/“brimstone” in Revelation 20:10 is because sulfur was used to refine gold. Otherwise, why would he mention sulfur? This is symbolic for God refining/purifying sinners.

  2. The Greek word translated as “tormented” is “basanizo” which originally meant “to test the purity of gold”. Again, this is symbolic for God refining/testing sinners until they are pure.

  3. Then the obvious argument about “forever and ever” really meaning “in the ages of ages” in the original Greek. It’s a very interesting video, and I’d highly recommend it.

EDIT: I should also mention that the “Second Death” referred to in Revelation is a SPIRITUAL death, according to this author.

I think the “lake of fire” refers to some kind of death and destruction( tribulation), most likely war. As Paul says in Romans 2:29, "Unless the Lord had left us some survivors, we would have become like Sodom , and we would have been made like Gomorrah. Isaiah 1:9 also says this. God refines unbelievers as well as believers. Many like to say they believe in God, but when tough times come around, they fall by the wayside, as in the parable of the sower and the seed.

I think the “second death” is the physical destruction of Israel, their kingdom being brought to an end, since Israel was already “spiritually dead”.

Very nice. Thanks for posting this, Objective Learner. :slight_smile: I think there can be layers of understanding about the LoF, but this is a really good, clear picture presented of the LoF. No point loading people with metaphor upon simile upon symbol. :wink: Very well done, and I wouldn’t disagree with any of his conclusions. It might have been good to emphasize even more that it’s not about actual flames and actual physical torment. To me that seems obvious, but a lot of people do see all these things as literal.