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Internet Explorer v 8


to resolve simply go to “tools” and select “Compatibiliy View”

This alerts v8 to treat that particular website in a more compatible way. Once this is done posting should resume as normal.


I can confirm; this is the way to go. :slight_smile:

Like most any other Microsoft release, I’ll wait at least twelve months from the release date before I subject my PC to IE 8.

So far my copy has been very stable. (But then again, I’m using Win XP, avoiding the Service Pack 3 OF DEATH!!, and the first thing I did was click the compatibility view. :mrgreen: )

I’ve been having intermittent problems with posting replies. The issue seems to mainly be with safari, but when I use IE, I can post, but sometimes it turns the BBCode off. Mind you, this is only at work from a wireless connection on a Vista machine, so…It could be nearly anything causing the issue. :confused:

Well, I use Safari, but on a Mac not on Vista. (There’s a version of Safari for Vista???) I haven’t seen any such problems with it; but I’m using version 4.0.4 (4531.21.10) and haven’t updated in a while.

As for IE 8 and Vista, good luck. {crossing}{throwing holy water at your computer} Upgrade to System 7 or whatever it’s called, I guess.

Yes, believe it or not, there is a version of safari for Vista. I don’t have any problems with it on XP, but Vista’s…well… :unamused:

But I didn’t seem to have any problem with it on that machine via my former wireless connection, so I don’t really know what’s going on. I have the same issues with firefox, so I’m tempted to think it’s the connection in combination with the other browsers.

I should just upgrade it to Win 7, since it came with a free upgrade for that.

I’ve heard Win 7 runs better on any system than Vista anyway.

Of course, I’ve also heard there are living pterodactyls. I’m inclined at the moment to believe that more quickly. :mrgreen: But to be fair I’ve never once heard that Vista is worse on any system (except insofar as it doesn’t even run fakey-DOS; but hey, that’s what DOSBox is for, so…)

I seem to be experiencing a weird error on this site that appears to occur randomly. I have noticed it with both safari for windows and internet explorer on both Vista and XP machines. The BBCode and other things like img, flash, url and smilies randomly shut off when replying to some posts. This is a recent occurrence for me that I have not experienced before on this site, and I have used both browsers on both types of machines in the past with no problems…

Okay, let’s go back a minute, because I did have similar problems myself with IE8 on XP.

IE8 has some sort of “compatability” filter which treats sites like the program was IE7 (or something)–I forget exactly how I got it to do this, because I updated to IE8 a while back and almost immediately found and fixed this problem. But have you tried to fix the problem yet by adjusting the compatability of IE8?

See Auggy’s first post in this very thread, for how to trip the compatability filter. (Reading my own post, apparently the program itself gave me the option to do so from my first use of it…)

except this particular instance occurred with safari.

I can’t help you with Safari for Windows. But I had the same problem with IE8 on XP. And I easily fixed it. (So easily and quickly I forgot I even had the problem at all… :wink: )

Thus I’m asking: have you tried that fix on IE8 for XP yet? (The fix might be applicable for Vista, too, for all I know.)

Fixing IE8 for XP (and/or Vista), won’t fix Safari for Windows (or heck for all I know maybe it will!) But, by tautology, it’d fix IE8 for XP (and/or Vista). :wink: That’s better than nothing.

I’ll definitely try it, but as I’ve not had a problem with either browser on either OS before, I’m inclined to think it’s a site issue.

Which of course is the whole point to IE8 having a compatibility feature. :slight_smile:

It may not solve the problem at all, but it did for me. (And this site was the only one I visited that day which was giving me a problem.)

I think we may be miscommunicating somewhat.

Recently, two computers (One XP, One Vista) that I have used before to connect to this site with no problems using the safari browser, has suddenly started having problems with posting replies (randomly). I have never had a problem with either machine or OS in the past with safari. I only tried Internet Explorer (which I don’t normally use) to see if it was a browser issue, but it evidently wasn’t as I also had random problems with IE and Firefox as well. I have had connection problems with the computer at the office on the temp. wireless network, and I’m sure that’s some of it, but I also had the same problem from home on a machine, wired connection, and browser (safari) that I’ve never had problems with before. It seems to happen only in connection with replying to threads. I would therefore conclude that this can’t just be an IE issue.

Does that clarify things? :confused:

Oh! Yes, that helps clarify things a lot. Thanks!

Hmmm… has anyone else been seeing these problems recently? (I haven’t, neither on Safari for Mac, nor on IE8 for XP. The latter of which might or might not be explained by having adjusted it for compatibility issues.)

My Norton’s Antivirus isn’t picking up on anything at the site (though that doesn’t mean something isn’t there). My system checks by my spyware software last week at home didn’t pick up on any leakers (thus not from this site either), but that only means stuff didn’t get through, not that sites (including this one) didn’t have spyware. My antivirus at home is very proactive, and alerts immediately when something even tries to get in (though it isn’t as good about spyware), so the fact that it doesn’t bug out when I visit the site is probably good evidence against a viral infection.

I don’t have admin powers, much less do I have access to the BBcode for the engine, so I can’t check some things directly.

At this point I recommend: SUMMON GREATER AUGGY! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: (i.e. send him a private mail, as he’s the chief code admin. The hyperlink doesn’t do that, btw, that’s just humor on my part. :wink: )

Right! :mrgreen:

Ok, will do.

I’ve not noticed any such problems on my pc on IE8 in compatibility mode. Mind you, I don’t even know what BBC is except British television network :slight_smile:


It seems to have been a random problem that is no longer occurring.

The coding on the site hasn’t changed for quite some time. I’m not very learned at PHP or any BB software so I can’t really say what the problem was. Keep us posted if you see it.