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Introducing UR to my pastor

I’m going to give “All you want to know about hell” by Steve Gregg to my pastor. I’ll tell him I’m very impressed with the book (which I am. Check out the reviews on amazon). A couple of weeks after I give it to him I’ll ask him what he thinks. I’ll also ask him if all three views are welcome in his church.

If not, I’ll go to another church and repeat the process.

I hope it goes well, Brad!


I hope it goes well! I’ve heard good things about that book.

I think I’ll get me a copy.

Of course, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t accept it nor feel inclined to read it. Even if he does, I doubt that he would be willing to give up his current view too quickly, even if you did crack the door for him.

Supposing he does buy into the idea of UR. What are the chances of him introducing the idea to his congregation anytime soon? If his fellow members are long time proponents of ECT, he is quickly going to branded a heretic. Then he may end up losing his church. For someone who has invested his life in the ministry, and hence making a living off it, to suddenly be thrusted out of the church without income, especially if he has a family, is a steep price to pay for believing in something that, while benficial to his own conscience, may destroy what work the Lord may be doing in his church.

I would love to sit down and try and convince my pastor of UR. I’m on pins and needles whenever I hear him preach on hell, so much that I want to scream. Yet the one thing that my church is doing that a lot of churches around here are NOT doing is soul-winning or visiting people for the express purpose of presenting Christ and the good news of the Gospel. And you’d be amazed at the stories members come back saying that people don’t even know who Jesus Christ is, or that Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of His birth. Some don’t even know who Adam and Eve is or familiar with the Ten Commandments. We are facing an ignorant generation. And this is why I haven’t brought up the issue to my pastor. Despite the abhorrant teaching of ECT, there are a lot of good things the church does. I’m not eager to mess that up.

It sounds like you are on a mission to bring UR to whatever church you plan on attending. But please be prayful about it and make sure that you aren’t destroying something that God is doing in those churches, as I believe He can use even if they are wrong about UR.

Yeah, if any of the pastors at my church started teaching UR, he would probably be out of a job very quickly. I don’t hide my views, but I don’t try very hard to convince people. I’m content just to be a “thorn in the flesh” :laughing: and help people learn to accept and fellowship with people who hold differing theological opinions. :sunglasses:


Finally found a pastor who was willing to read the book. I told him I was looking for a church and that I wanted to ask him a question after he finished reading it. It’s good to be a part of a Church again. I’ve been attending the church for about 6 months now.

Now for step two.

I’ve recently shared the following with the pastor

I’ve told him I’d answer yes to all three questions and I’ve asked him how he’d answer them.

I like the pastor. He’s a good man. But I tread very carefully. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past.

I find the same difficulty in convincing folks, of the Holy Fool and P-Zombie positions. It all depends on how open academically, the pastor, priest or other clergy member (i.e. title), is open to other viewpoints - different from their own. :smiley:

The challenge is, in speaking with a denominational pastor / clergy figure about something that goes against the organization that they represent, poses an uphill battle, though I would not say impossible or ill-advised.

A Pastor is suppose to have the answers for the flock. They need to have a theological position on whatever comes their way, (or many seem to believe this) or at least be able to say ‘I’ll get back to you on that one.’ I think we need to recognize this and allow for this… When you introduce ideas that rock that thinking process, sometimes a wall is automatically erected. And that is unfortunate.

I feel when we as members of a body who have found truths we feel that need to be shared, doing so in a slow, loving, patient way, it works out in the end.

If you don’t want them to give them time, are we really looking to introduce truth or is pride rearing it’s ugly head.

Just my humble observation.

Let us know how it goes!