The Evangelical Universalist Forum

Introduction to Dr. Glenn Peoples

It is my great pleasure and privilege to have been asked to write the introduction to this debate between Dr. Thomas Talbott and Dr. Glenn Peoples.

Dr. Peoples is a Bachelor of Divinity, a Master of Theology and has a PhD in Philosophy (and he’s not yet 50 years old to quote some book I once read). His website lists his areas of specialisation as: Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy and Meta Ethics. It also lists Historical and Systematic Theology and Philosophical Theology as areas of competence outside of Philosophy.

He is a member of the following professional academic organisations:

]The American Philosophical Association./]
]The Australasian Association of Philosophers./]
]The Evangelical Philosophical Society./]
]The Evangelical Theological Society./]

He is also a member here on the Evangelical Universalist forum.

Dr. Peoples is an ‘Annihilationist’, in relation to the doctrine of final punishment, who views ‘Conditional immortality’ as important to his position.

The debate will range over the following topic areas (though undoubtedly not exclusively):

]Areas of agreement between Annihilationists and Universalists against the traditionalist view. /]
]Conditional immortality (where Universalists and Traditionalists join hands). /]
]The meaning of destruction. /]
]The moral argument./]

I’m sure you all join with me in warmly welcoming Dr. Peoples both to this debate and to the forum in general. I look forward to some lively discussion.