Introduction to Dr. Joel Green


I am delighted to introduce Joel B. Green (Ph.D. University of Aberdeen), a Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Fuller Seminary, after teaching at Asbury, A.B.SW., the G.T.U., and New College Berkeley. Contributing almost thirty books, he has written insightfully on biblical interpretation, as well as practical life and discipleship! He has shown wide expertise on Luke-Acts, contributing NIC’s LUKE (a Christianity Today Book Award), which uniquely shows how each paragraph in the story should be understood in connection with Luke’s over-arching themes throughout his narrative.

He has written much on Christ’s death and atonement, sparking discussion of alternate interpretations in Recovering the Scandal of the Cross. After graduate work in neuroscience, his inter-disciplinary interests are displayed in writing on questions of body, soul, and biblical anthropology. Books this past year include a commentary on First Peter and “Seized by Truth: Reading the Bible as Scripture.” Besides pastorates in the U.S. and Scotland, he has edited “Catalyst” for 26 years, which offers evangelical perspectives to United Methodist seminarians.

Dr. Green has often fostered practical bridges between academic study and the wider church and world, as well as between those with dissimilar views. I find he is not afraid to challenge even popular interpretations if he perceives that their biblical support is weak, and I am grateful for his willingness to interact with issues raised in Gregory MacDonald’s book, “The Evangelical Universalist.”

Bob Wilson