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Is Bradley Jersak An EU?


He’s the author of “Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell, and the New Jerusalem”. I’ve read he’s like me a hopeful EU but I also read that he’s an EU. If anyone knows of him and his works what side of the coin is he on?


I’ve conversed a fair amount with BJ. My understanding of his position is that he thinks God would never not accept a creature’s repentance, so the opportunity to be saved will always be there, but that free will might make it so some creatures never choose communion.


Actually, he speaks for himself - in this article:

Who you callin’ a Universalist? by Brad Jersak


I received his book in the post office today.

On page 210, the last sentence of the book before the bibligraphy states:

“…the evil that would annihilate God’s creation…does not have a hope in hell.”


That’s quite an article, Randy! It really provokes a person to think.


I also enjoyed it, Paidion :exclamation: :smiley:

Here’s a link, about his conversion to Orthodoxy in 2013:


I really don’t like the term “hopeful inclusivist”, as used in the article Who you callin’ a Universalist? by Brad Jersak. I prefer the term - Hope For All. As Inclusivism, at Inclusivism and other positions, is a position I currently hold. As well as Hope For All. Let me quote from this article:

And I can quote from this article at


I tend to class him as a technical if perhaps minimal univeralist, because his position matches the the two minimum requirements: he believes God acts to save all sinners from sin; and he believes God persistently acts to save from sin whomever God intends to save.

The acknowledgement of a possible, or even certain, never-ending stalemate, doesn’t contravene either of those two positions.