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Is everything we see what we see

So, my wife and I took the granddaughters to see the movie “Lion King” Great movie very well done but I was disturbed. I said to my wife after we left the granddaughters off, that I was a bit troubled.

The realistic nature of the animals in this film is… to be honest scary. I told my wife that it could be at some point we will see things that though they look very real, they will indeed be manufactured.

I would be interested in all your ideas.


MM, it is interesting that you mentioned thus. Not sure if you have heard of deep fakes it not, but basically, I am very concerned over being able to manufacture evidence. Can you trust a picture anymore? No. Videos, too, can be faked (as you noted with some realistic cgi renders in LK)

This is indeed troubling… Could tear marriages apart, put people in prison, cause one to be a social outcast. It is the perfect time to frame people… To get them to believe what you want them to believe… Very, very troubling.