Is soccer the religion of the Endtimes?


If Plato connected Endtimes Babylon to Atlantis, then what would be the ultimate symbol of our Endtimes? Is it Starbucks? How will future generations look back at our generation? I was struck by the fact that the apostle Paul used symbols that belonged to the sports of his time. In Hebrews 12:1 he referred to run a race. This is not so far off the racecourse that dominated Atlantis. So what did Atlas carry on his shoulders? Was it a… soccer ball with a reference to the World Cups in the Endtimes? Is soccer (Dutch: Football) a religion? The screaming for Artemis in Acts 19:28 is the same kind of screaming we hear in a soccer stadium.

I was struck by a soccer ball UFO on Scott Waring’s website that looked similar to the sphere that Atlas carried on his shoulders:

My book on Atlantis as Endtimes Babylon:


You sound coo coo.


He might have something there. But instead of soccer - it’s Voodoo.

It’s really the Voodoo priests and priestesses, that are currently making the zombies. And if they migrate around the globe, they would trigger the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse.

Let me quote a bit, from the first article:

The more sensational aspects of voudon, such as belief in zombies and animal sacrifice, have provided fodder for countless television shows and movies in the form of voodoo. Zombies are an especially good example of how a religious element can be taken out of context and become a global phenomenon.

The original Haitian zombies were not villains but victims. Haitian zombies were said to be people brought back from the dead (and sometimes controlled) through magical means by priests called bokors. Sometimes, the zombification was done as punishment (striking fear in those who believed that they could be abused even after death), but often the zombies were said to have been used as slave labor on the island’s farms and sugarcane plantations (though no evidence of the zombie-filled farms was ever found).

Of course, the last statement is true. The Voodoo clergy had the zombies - erase the evidence.