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Jehovahs Witness Escapee

Worthwhile read with several familiar themes.

Mark, your picture changed… What the heck happened?

I shaved my beard a long time ago. It was a disquise. lol

Hey Mark, I read the article, what is your position?

Well what stands out to me is the emerging conflict that arose from her own sense of reason and humanity.
She knew something was wrong and had the courage to face it and walk away despite the powerful cultural forces in her JW world.
I think that is something many people who have departed dysfunctional religious systems or doctrines can relate to. I know I can.


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I have never heard of anyone in the organization who refers to himself (or herself) as “a Jehovah’s Witness.” That is the way outsiders talk! Within the organization a member refers to himself as “One of Jehovah’s witnesses.”