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Jordan Peterson—Hero or Heretic?

Great post, Alex. I’m definitely going to check out some of his writings.

I am so glad to see this man’s name here. The hullabaloo surrounding him is exposing the corruption of our universities. The accusations against Peterson and others are ungodly, and the university administrators are useless.

So you will understand the importance of Dr. Peterson, you might look at this video first.

In the US, Bret Weinstein was forced to resign from Evergreen (College or University), an apparently liberal ‘safe space’ institution in Washington state. He was mobbed in the hall outside his classroom and feared for his life. Even his wife was threatened.

Peterson is being lured to Christianity by seeing its effectiveness in leading people away from pagan religions of human sacrifice, etc. For people to attack him as a heretic is unfair - he does not even profess to be a Christian!