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Kindly recommend a ghostwriter who can write about the horror and gothic fiction

My brother is writing a fiction novel based on the horror and gothic fiction. It has the most amazing interesting storyline as my brother had shared the entire plot of the story to me before he started to write. He has completed most of the chapters but now he is facing writer’s block and he doesn’t know how to compose this specific chapter using the right words. He wants to have ghostwriting novel services from a professional ghostwriter or ghostwriting agency who is reliable to be hired. If someone can recommend the reliable agency or ghostwriter it will be so helpful.

I do know some. But the good ones will cost you.

Anyway, the first 2 are among the best - in my book. But they don’t come cheap.

I might be a “holy fool” and “P-Zombie”…but you might be surprised, at who I know and what I know!

Of course, by providing at least three…you get my philosophy on contractors…get a least 3 proposals and ask for some references.

You can also go to the local public library. And look through their copy of Writer’s Market. You will find many names there. I believe they have a ghostwriter’s section. Check with the library’s, adult reference librarian.

And the best US writers program is the University of Iowa

University of Iowa Writers Workshop

Just ask the university for alumni, who specialize in ghostwriting.

I asked this question via online chat, with my local public adult librarian:

If someone wanted to consult Writers Market, to hire a ghostwriter…what section would they look under?

Here’s their answer:

I’m not seeing anything in Writer’s Market. Nothing in index.

So I guess I was wrong, on that info.

Here are some informative articles for you.

Ghostwriter Contracts & Fees

P.S. Please look at when the articles are written. The closer it is to 2019, the more accurate it is.

And I didn’t know where to put this…from the non-denominational site Got Questions - so here goes nothing!

Most folks here image that if they meet me…I would be one of them, in this video…I’ll let you guess which one! :wink: