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Largest Evangelical Universalist conference to date!?

I just came across this. This might be the largest Evangelical Universalist conference to date!? Hosted by The Sanctuary Denver, with the following speakers:

]Peter Hiett, pastor, author and creator of many good videos on Christian Universalism/]
]Robin Parry, author of many good books, including The Evangelical Universalist/]
]Brad Jersak, public speaker and author of a number of good books, including Her Gates Will Never Be Shut**/]
]Paul Young, author of The Shack/]
]Ilaria Ramelli, author of The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis/]
]C. Baxter Kruger, theologian and author/]

For more details see: … 4/timeline

** I’ve just finished reading Her Gates Will Never Be Shut and, like Robin, I highly recommend it!

Some questions:

Do you know the conference cost?
Will a virtual attendance option be available?
Will a replay option be available?

sounds wonderful…I wish it wasn’t ‘forgotten’…maybe, one day. that’ll change.

I’m not sure… asking on the Facebook page should work. If you manage to find out, please let us all know here.

They’ve just launched a website for the conference and have additional exciting speakers attending!

Do you know if Donald Trump will be speaking, at the conference :question: :laughing:

You did say this:


And if not, perhaps we should invite him :exclamation: He can bring along some free Trump wine, Trump steaks, etc., to make the conference more enjoyable :exclamation: :laughing:

I saw on the website that the conference cost is $65.

:laughing: it would certainly make it the most attended EU conference ever, although not for the right reasons :unamused:

Yes, excellent value for a 3 day conference, especially with international speakers (the sponsors must be subsidising the cost).

Mrs. Guy and myself have registered.(even though we aren’t universalists) Not as speakers of course, but as congregation. Our passage is booked as well. We will make harbour in Maine and from there fly to Denver. That way we won’t have to worry about planes slamming into any high walls.

Who all here is going? We’d love to meet everybody. Who should we watch for?

Great to hear you will be going along with your wife! In addition to the speakers and the attending authors (many of whom you’d recognise), I’ve seen quite a few people on Facebook say they’re going to try to attend (although I don’t know if they’re also on this forum). George Sarris, who narrated The Inescapable Love of God, is going.

Truth be told, I’ll be attending with a large dose of humble pie. You see, I’ve been harsh with Universalists in the past. While I don’t expect to leave Denver a convinced Universalist, I do think the debate is between Universalism and Conditionalism. ECT is right out. I have read many of the authors and have legitimate questions for a couple of them. I’m hoping to do that conversation style over a friendly lunch. But I have doubts on dualism.

We’re meeting friends down there. They’re why this trip is even possible. With any little free time we can sneak away with we hope to do nerdy tourist stuff. If we can get a selfie straddling the Wyoming / Nebraska state line standing on the Lincoln Highway that would burn through my bucket list.

Randy, any suggestions on a Lincoln Highway playlist for the occasion?

Glad to see that Jonathan Mitchell has added to the guest list! – I really like his grammatic-option NT translation.

If I had the loot to pay for air fare and accommodations, I’d be there in a heartbeat! I love Peter Hiett’s preaching.

Too bad they don’t offer this also by live streaming. Perhaps in the future? This way, folks from around the world could attend. And not have to worry about air fare, food and lodging. And if they recorded the streaming, they could sell the DVD sets later. Just a thought :exclamation: :smiley:

Of course, if Donald T. and/or Hillary C. were attending, it would be worth it - for the entertainment value alone. :laughing:

Just a bump hoping that attendees will post as they go! – the conference starts today!

Bumping again, hoping people will report in from the conference this past weekend!

Yes, I’d like to hear a report on this event as well.

No reports yet.

I have sadness. :cry:

Perhaps everyone is still too busy enjoying to conference. It’s probably a full schedule, along with ample time for socialization. :smiley:

I still say future conferences should look at adding live streaming and recording, to the menu. They can charge the same price for in-house (minus food , travel and lodging expenses), streaming and recording - and reach a larger audience. And there are many good companies, that can provide this service - for a reasonable price. :smiley:

Above all, they should be held in the oh so glorious wilds of southern Oregon!! :wink: