Lessons to teach kids the biblical basis for univeralism


Hi All

I’d like to go through a series of short bible studies with my kids to teach about the Biblical basis for universalism.

Most nights my kids (aged 8 to 12 years old) and I have a bedtime 20 minute bible reading and prayer time so I am thinking of format something that could work in that scenario.

My kids (who go to a Christian school) are starting to have their teachers criticise their views when they share their basic understanding on universalism, so I’d like them to have a firmer foundation to their faith generally and specifically on the Bible’s teaching on universalism.

Anyone know of anything, or is anyone else interested in developing something together?

love in Christ Scott


Hi Scott,

While I’m unaware of any online UR resources that would be completely age-appropriate for children, “Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation” by J.W. Hanson came to mind as a biblically-based defense of UR that is divided up into a lot of small sections, which could possibly be turned into separate lessons (tentmaker.org/books/Bibleproofs2.html).

Your request reminded me of something I stumbled across a while back which you and others may find to be of some historical interest. It’s a work entitled “The Child’s Universalist Companion.” It was published in 1836 and is a collection of short stories, hymns, poems and a couple of lessons about Jesus and his life, for children in the 19th century:

books.google.com/books?id=ZbJ1b0 … &q&f=false


That an excellent idea Scott! I’m a little swamped with things at the moment, but if you develop anything please share, as I’ll need it in a few years when my children get to school. We have quite a few members who are teachers and parents so hopefully they’re able to help :slight_smile:


I’m interested in this, as well. First step for me is to check out the book Aaron recommended (thank you, sir!).


My wife and I are also interested. I’m going to be looking at “The Child’s Universalist Companion” as well…