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As a Roman Catholic (who is trying to stick closely to Doctrine) I understand that the Church teaches post-death conversion is not possible…that we must choose goodness and God within this life…even if on our last dying moment…

I know many evangelical universalists, on the other hand, believe in post death conversion…

I’m wondering if the common ground is Purgatory…we RCs believe a cleansing happens in Purgatory for those of us (most of us?) who died in Gods love but also died with very imperfect love within ourselves…

I wonder if that’s “our” version of post death conversion…however - its not a perfect “common ground” - for the Church does teach that one must have “some” pre death move towards God…


This is one reason why some RCC theologians have regarded Limbo as being equivalent to a pagan paradise, absent only fellowship with God (and so not equivalent to purgatory). In that sense, people in hell could be led to repent and be improved people, with all such people ending up in the state of Limbo eventually – and yet not strictly be allowed to convert, so as not to enjoy fellowship with God. This has occasionally been regarded as the end-state for Christian non-RCs, too: having rejected communion in this life, we won’t be allowed to enter into communion (subsisting on the Real Presence) in the life to come (exceptions being perhaps made, as seems to be official doctrine now, for those whom God knows would have accepted the Presence in this life had stumbling blocks not been in the way). Those in Limbo may live forever in as much bliss as possible without communion with God and the saints – without “eonian life”, in other words.


In my opinion, the Catholic Church derived its teaching about purgatory from the early Christian teaching concerning post-mortem reconciliation of all people to God.


Thanks for your reolies!

Jason I’ve never heard Limbo used in any other way except for the possibility of unbaptized babies (and even that is not official Church teaching just speculation) At the moment, I believe “official” Church teaching is that we leave the fate to unbaptized babies in the hands of our merciful Lord…I think for “other non Catholics” (if I understand it right) - the Church takes a very inclusivist view - we don’t know “how” someone responded to the graces God gave them and its for Him to judge…so we pray for the souls of all…and its likely many non Christians end up in purgatory and eventually with the beatific vision…but I’m not doubting you, there might very well be Catholic thinkers who have extended the idea of a “limbo” to others (not just babies)

Paidian - I’m interested in the early Church and the concept of post mortem reconciliation…who are some of the early Church fathers (mothers?) who spoke about this?

Blessings everyone!