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List of those of who reject traditional hellism


Under Convinced Universalists category

Ernest Ferdinand Stroeter (1846-1922)

Author, missionary, pastor, conference speaker and Professor in Europe and North America. Author of “The Gospel of God’s Reconciliation of All in Christ”

His book was one of the first major influence in my turning to EU.


Have you got a favourite quotation from him? :slight_smile:


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Anthony Buzzard sounds more like an annihilationist to me, at least in that quote, but I don’t usually hear from him on soteriology so something else might be clearer. :confused:

(I’m not a big fan of him – his unitarian apologetics are both sloppy and actively insulting – but that’s neither here nor there for this list. :wink: )

“Hartley” above in the Sobor’s dig-up reminds me of David Bentley Hart, a Greek Orthodox theologian and Christian universalist (although I don’t recall offhand if he’s hopeful or certain – I seem to recall certain) who up until his Beauty of the Infinite was released in 2007 used to be a frequent guest contributor for periodicals like First Things. I’m not sure why that stopped.

He has some relation to the concept of Sobornost, too, btw. :mrgreen:

The only book I have from him is 2009’s Atheist Delusions, one of many ripostes to the then-burgeoning New Atheist movement, and I don’t recall that he writes much of Christian universalism in that; but I’ll see what I can dig up. (Unless someone beats me to it, which would be fine. :mrgreen: )


I’ve updated with sobornosts list and with Stroeter (thanks Pilgrim! :slight_smile: )

I’ve added in the Buzzard quote I found (Jason - he is an anni; he’s already under that category :slight_smile: )

And I’ve moved Keith Ward from Convinced to Hopeful (after reading more of his stuff).

Yes, it’s somewhat ironic, isn’t is sobornost :slight_smile: Poor old Dr Haryley - at least he stuck to his guns!

Anyone been able to dig out more for Jens Adam, Ron Sider, or the missing anni quotes?


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Hi Pog, Jason etc…
Hope you aren’t getting cheesed off -
I needed to map out the big picture of Universalism because I kept making wrong turns in my history stuff through not knowing the bigger picture – doing wee biogs has been a great way of mapping for me

Also it seems right that these people who are quoted up and down by us universalists or cited by name - should be given a context and a little bit of a personal and inter-connecting story (that we should try to understand them a little more).

My sea of entries will dry up soon – I’ve got about 150 left from the common lists. I probably will try and do them fairly quickly while I’m geared up and still have a little interest left. But do tell if everyone is getting bored.

After I’ve done my business, if you want to take it further towards comprehensiveness (given that we are only half way through a project which should run for a year I think)-

As far as I can see, there’s still most of the early church stuff to do – that’s probably a tidy few (around 40 I reckon). And I hope those who purchase the great Ramelli will trickle in the information.

As far as contemporary stuff goes –I’ve a list of about 50 that I don’t really want to touch and I’m very happy to hand over.
Also - if anyone ever wants to – it might be good to do a thorough trawl Rodger’s snippets after I’ve got my entries finished. I think most of Rodger’s stuff should already appear on the list – because Pog and I have used Rodger and we’ve all used common sources. However, Rodger Snippet’s does also have modern stuff that you’ll not find elsewhere.

Pog I reckon that some of the materials that have cropped up have great beauty and it might be worth thinking one day about us getting together a modern anthology like Hanson’s ‘Cloud of Witness’ – geared for EU folk . Worth a thought…

Also you are right it’s best to hold fire about the final form of categories and sub-categories etc – but I find it interesting to see different families and lineages of universalism emerging from the list even now. (I do reckon a separate main category for Proto Universalists would add clarity now however.

All very good wishes

Your loyal servant Sirs –

Boring old Dick :laughing:


Hi soborbost :slight_smile:

No worries abour getting fed up - this is great! :slight_smile:

Have you stopped editing the above long list - 'cause I’m gonna port them over today?

Yes, put up the list of moderns - we can work on that whilst you finish off the list of commons you’re working on. Yes, I’m hoping the ancients will fill out when Ramelli’s tome hits. And, again yes, dividing off proto- sounds a good idea (which we’ll do after getting a dry up in the names - along with some other re-structuring).

Also: have people got back-ups of this list stored in multiple places - just in case :slight_smile:


That’s good Pog :smiley:

Yes I’ve stopped editing now - so you can port :laughing:


Has anyone been able to follow up that recently made claim of Baxter being a universalist?

And is Oliver Crisp a modern Calvinist universalist (or former universalist)?




all updated.


Thanks lads :smiley:


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Cox and Westcott? Dang! (Although the quote provided from Westcott could be Arminian…? I wonder where Hort, his co-author, leaned.)

Are Cox’s lectures available anywhere? I’m only familiar with his name in the sense that I had heard of Schaff on occasion distantly mentioned with all honor.


Hi Jason -

Sam Cox -

You can download an archived copy of Salvator Mundi here –





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updated - great work, sobornost! :slight_smile: