Local evangelical universalis churches


Are there any local Evangelical Universalist Churches near where I live? I live in Vancouver,Canada.


Hello, Joe

There are hardly any EU churches at all. You may or may not find a local church with a sympathetic leadership, but few will add this to the church’s platform. Most of us just attend regular churches They tend to refrain from much talk of hellfire and brimstone anyway. This does make it awkward if you want to teach Sunday school, etc., but it’s not usually a big problem. I’ve found (when I mention it) that very many mainline Christians already believe in universal salvation–they just don’t think about it a lot. My father did. He didn’t really have a reason for it, nor was he the sort to hash out his theology at length–though he was a very good man–but he believed it. Maybe for some folks it’s more instinctive than it is for others (like me). :wink: We don’t all feel the need or desire to think through all these things and if we don’t, then maybe it’s sufficient to simply believe what the Spirit whispers to our hearts.

Blessings, Cindy