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Local Opportunities to Hear You Discuss/Debate EU?

Hi, Dr. Talbott –

Given that I happen to be located not far from you here in Oregon, I thought I might be so bold as to ask if there are any local opportunities that come up from time to time, to hear you lecture/debate on Universalism or other topics in general. Is there some other forum/website where this kind of information would be posted, if so? If not, will just be satisfied with getting the 2nd edition of Inescapable Love when it’s out.

Kind regards


I’m down in southern Oregon - Medford. Are you talking about the northern part of the state?

Hi, Dave – glad to meet another Oregonian here. :slight_smile: Yeah, I’m up in the Willamette Valley.

Hi Micah,

Last fall I presented my paper “The Topography of Divine Love: A Response to Jeff Jordan” to the Willamette University Philosophy Club, which I have typically addressed every few years or so. And though it is not local, I am scheduled to do something next July at a conference in Houston celebrating the legacy of Edward Fudge. But I do not have anything local scheduled at the present time; and when I address the topic of universalism, as I will at the conference in Houston, it is typically outside the local area. Anyway, I could certainly keep you informed via email.

So feel free to email me and to let me know were in the Willamette Valley you live.

All the best,


Thanks for the reply, Dr. Talbott. Wow…wish I had been aware of that philosophy club presentation; are those club talks open to the general public? And thanks very much for the offer to keep me informed via e-mail – appreciate that!


Hi, Tom –

Just wanted to doublecheck that the correct way to contact you was through your university e-mail address still. (Sent a PM to you here as well.)