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I don’t want to violate copyright restrictions, so I’ll have to link to the short publication. It is probably only 2-3 pages

Some things I thought fascinating were:

It is an interesting subject, just don’t know that it belongs here. Up to the mods.

Once a topic ‘catches on’ - as this type of thing seems to - it gets out of hand real quick.

Okay… that’s enough of THAT. Seriously? I’m only leaving this up so [tag]jasonpratt[/tag] can have a look at it.

I don’t understand why something from Robert Price, of all people, is even in the “church” subcategory. :unamused: :laughing: He’s quite a radical loon.

it’s important to keep in mind the overall context of his article, which is his theory that Jesus Christ is a fictional character and therefore all the story details, even the ones which would otherwise be evidence of historical accuracy by ancient standards, must be explained away. No matter how farfetched the explanation-away might be. Any stick is good enough to flagellate the history of Jesus with, so to speak. :wink:

That said, he’s hardly the first person to observe and suggest that religious piety is, at least sometimes, a redirected form of sexual frustration. Christians have insulted each other that way, too, on occasion; and the charge does occasionally have prima facie plausibility. People are fallen, too, after all.

Anyway, given some other threads recently, if members want to pm each other in groups about this, they’re welcome to do so. But I’m fine with leaving the topic locked.