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Matthew 25:46

So, to clarify, you believe Jesus but not Moses and the prophets?

Yes, Jesus was the ONLY-begotten Son of God, begotten before all ages and was just as divine as the Father. He was called “God” in John 1:1, not in the sense of being “the only true God” (as Jesus addressed the Father (John17:3) but “God” in the sense of being of the same essence as the Father prior to His birth. Though He was born fully human, He divested Himself of His divine attributes when He became human. (Philippians 2:7 NASB). Jesus never made a mistake and was never wrong.

Moses and the prophets were mere human beings, and they lived long before Jesus revealed God as He truly is—the personification of LOVE. So they had only a partial knowledge of the character of God.

That seems to be a very suspect understanding seeing that Jesus continually quoted the prophets and the law. :exclamation: And his position was to ‘fulfill’ the law. He seemed to be pretty in tune with what ‘Dad’ was doing with his people. You seem to be very liberally dismissive of much all of the OT that God himself deemed so very important :open_mouth:

We had a pretty good discussion here once. Chad you might want to read it. Maybe you’ll disagree, but there were some good points made.

Thanks, always up for learning but when I clicked the link, I did not seem to be able to figure it out. Maybe it was my third grade education :laughing: Am I supposed to scroll way up from the link?

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Sorry - that linked to the bottom of the page; just scroll up to the opening post and continue as usual.

Hmm well, would you look at that… CONTEXT!! :mrgreen:

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Chad - I"m not trying to teach you anything - just pointing to an interesting thread. :smiley:

According to TDNT, ed Kittel, author Sasse, Vol 1, p.168, on AIDIOS, Sasse remarks concerning Jude 6 “in everlasting chains” & “Cf. for this expression Jos.Bell.,6,434…of the lifelong imprisonment of John…”, with “lifelong” being the Greek word aionios. This interpretation seems similar to that in the OT of a slave being his masters for olam, i.e. for life.

But you did teach me something: scroll man scroll :laughing:

You quoted in your part 2:

I like that very much. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving :smiley:

I did, thank you - food/fellowship was great -it was however not quiet! :laughing:

I liked that quote as well; I think it says quite a lot about our approach to the Bible.