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MavPhil re: 'sameness' of God

As in, do x and y worship the same God? In this case, Muslims and Christians.
It’s a good discussion with some good comments/arguments following.
I’m a Christian Monotheist, worshiping God the Father, His son the Messiah Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; Bill is a classical ‘trinitarian’, thus we differ a bit on some things, and the other participants run the gamut pretty much.
It’s an interesting topic, with input from ‘Athens’ and ‘Jerusalem’ :smiley: … l#comments

Well, David, the Evangelical site Pathoes did a series of articles on this topic, after a Wheaton college professor got suspended over statements she made. I present the articles without commentary:

More on whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God
[list]The “Same” God? Volf Speaks[/list:u]
Why suspended professor says, “We worship the same God.”
Wheaton Does the Right Thing

Yeah, I read those and others concerning the dust-up over at Wheaton. Dale Tuggy at ‘Trinities’ had a nice wrap-up of the dust-up :smiley: … -round-up/

Actually, David, your initial article Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? summary, is one I’m** FULLY** in accord with:


The spirit of the one true God is the one that gives life to all and was made manifest to us through Jesus. Do we all worship this same God? I would say not, if we are not living in the same spirit and following the example He has set for us. This means that we do unto others as we would have them do to us, valuing each one’s right to life, liberty, and property; protecting these rights through a fair justice system, placing the things of God, such as truthfulness, love, compassion, integrity, etc. above all else, seeking to walk in all uprightness, not forcing our beliefs on others, but teaching and setting an example. To me, it doesn’t matter whether we believe God is one or three in one. We can call ourselves whatever we want to, be it Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc…Labels don’t mean a thing. The proof of who or what we worship will be made known by the works that we do and the fruits that we bear.

You’ve made some good points.

Great post. Totally agree. It is Christ in the abstract that we must follow.