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McClymond Challenge


Hiya - Randy

The essay I am researching will concern whether there is any evidence that there was a gnostic universalism in the first three centuries C.E. that was the basis for Christian universalism. I’m actually very confident that there is little or no evidence for this .

As far as Bohme is concerned - he is a fascinating figure - but he’ll be beyond the scope of what I’m writing abour this time.I know that Robin Parry is considering Bohme in his new book.


Yes, I understand. Boehme is certainly not a universalist. And he does have some stuff, that’s a bit “far out”. Like the fall was necessary. Thanks for the long reply. I still like Boehme, however.

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I didn’t know Parry has a new book coming out. What’s it going to be about?


I think it’s about Christian Universalism since the Reformation - or at least that is one of the topics being covered Qaz :slight_smile: I’ve no idea when it is coming out. Someone has given the link above to his initial response to Michael McClymond where he mentions the forthcoming book .


With Bohme - just because he wasn’t a universalist doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t find admirable qualities in him; I agree. I actually find him quite difficult to read, and the same goes for his followers (as I said I have read, or tried to read the Wisdom anthology by Versluis - and it was hard going for me). Ummm - I find Gnostic Gospels easier to understand because I started reading about them a long time ago; and that’s influenced my choice if topic I guess :slight_smile: I do know that his appeal to people like William Law who in turn influenced George MacDonald is that he offered a stron alternative to the mechanistic picture of the universe promoted by Deists during the Enlightenment.