Moltmann on Universalist vs Dualistic Models


Was listening to a 2007 Conference on “God’s Unfinished Future” held at Trinity Wall Street Church in NY. You can watch the presentations online by following this link: … 2007/watch

One of the interesting parts (in Moltmann’s second presentation) was that he mentioned that the books of Matthew, John, and Revelation are more dualistic in nature whereas the Pauline letters are more universalistic in nature. Also mentioned everyone should have 2 teachers, then they can decide for themselves what they believe. Rather than having just 1 teacher, as then your beliefs are not your own.

Curious to hear what others think of these comments. Moltmann is not the best speaker in the world, but he’s fascinating to listen to. Each presentation is almost 90 minutes, which includes a Q & A session after each from pastors/ministers/priests from across the country. Pretty cool.