Mothers: The Perfect Metaphor for the God behind UR!


Not to get too sentimental here, but I find it very appropriate, and biblical, to liken God’s love to that of a loving mother. (or father of course; or the nurture of a mother hen…) And tomorrow we celebrate our own mothers on Mother’s Day. (Even IF it’s true that it is but a contrived holiday conceived by card companies, I like it anyway!) And for my part, I find myself simply unable to imagine any mother, or parent for that matter, ever settling for their own beloved child to be consigned to the oblivion of a hell. That mother (parent) will, it seems axiomatic, forever yearn for reunion with their child and for their redemption.

Yet many have imagined that God Himself does not love like this…

On the contrary, God is even MORE loving than ANY mother (besides, does not a mothers love FLOW directly from the heart of God?) and is infinitely more resourceful in seeing our redemption through.

So thank God for mothers; whose incredible love gives us but a window into the even greater love of God our Father.


(Love you mom!)


Much dittoing! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: