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My journey into Christ's Cosmic Redemption—Tony Golsby-Smith

How broad are God’s plans? Tony shares his life story: from his childhood in Fiji to becoming a teacher and then, to everyone’s surprise, a strategy consultant to some of Australia’s largest corporations. He began to see God working everywhere and this led him to ultimately discover Christ’s Cosmic Redemption—which is good news for the entire cosmos!

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This brings to mind this book, by RC priest Richard Rohr. I read this book, by the way - and loved it.

I can have this vision, and still:

  • Participate in the sacraments, of the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches.

  • Take part in the gatherings of Johrei, Heartfulness, Sukyo Mahikari and Bruno Groening Friends groups

  • Participate in Native American, Red Road ceremonies

  • Practice silent Yoga and Zen meditation

  • Hang around Eastern sages, when they visit my area.

  • Work on becoming an “aspiring”, Christian Holy Fool.

And if you have that vision and do what I do - spiritually…then you can join me and…

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I know Tony likes Rohr too :slight_smile:

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