My mum's cousin's husband on Universalism


Interestingly, for me at least, my mum’s cousin’s husband has just confessed on his blog (in a post on Universalism), that he leans “fairly strongly to the universalist side” :sunglasses:

Anyway, here are just a few of his interesting observations.

Some excellent points here, although to be really picky, I’d have said “believers in ECT” rather than “believers in hell”, as I believe in hell, albeit a temporary one.

I agree.


Great post. Although I don’t agree where he says that “it is of small consequence whether or not people convert”.


This is what I’ve realized for a good long while. After trying to find clear answers, you realize that there aren’t near as many as you at first felt there were, and that most of the modern-day answers are just projected into the text.

I would disagree on one note, though - they were very concerned with the eternals, but because they saw that reality as being a present one, not a merely future realized one. After all, eternity can’t “begin” - it just always “is.”


Me neither, but I agree with his point about being motivated more by love than fear of ECT.


Alex, how wonderful to have a person in the family share some of your sympathies!