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Mystical Gold


In order to reach union with the Divine
it is necessary to leave the intellect behind.
One must let go of things and empty oneself
of everything in order to make room for
the flood of Divine illumination.

St John of the Cross ~~ Roman Catholic


anyone who is not in love
cannot be as light as a soul
like moon and stars
cannot be orbiting restlessly
hear it from me
as the final word
a flag can never dance
with no air and no wind

Rumi ~~ Sufi


Your love shines through my eyes
for you fill me with Yourself

Rumi ~~ Sufi


But if I humble myself, admit my insignificance, rid myself of all self-esteem, and regard myself as the mere dust that I am, then Your grace will come to me and the light of Your understanding enter into my heart; so that, through perfect knowledge of my wretchedness, all self-esteem will be lost in the depth of my own nothingness. - Thomas A Kempis ~~ Roman Catholic


God is hidden in the here and now. The more you seek Him, the more He will reveal Himself to you ~~ Angelus Silesius - Roman Catholic.


If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite. ~~ William Blake


Within the heart, love draws us back to oneness. The heart knows and lives in this oneness, and love takes us from separation to union, from the knowledge of our own self to being lost in God. Love comes from the beyond and carries the stamp of oneness: that He and His creation are one. This is why love is like a magnet that draws us from duality back to oneness. We experience this in human love, how we want to get nearer and nearer to the one we love: emotionally we want to merge, physically we want to unite. Love is a force that pulls us toward union. In human love we are always limited by the fact there are two people. In divine love there is no such limitation. In meditation we can give ourselves completely, merge into the ocean of love, experience the complete oneness that is found within the heart. - Vaughan - Lee ~~ Sufi


God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly not one ~~ Rumi - Sufi


This one is from me :smiley:

She told me she emptied herself
An empty vessel she has become
She hides in her own nothingness
I told her she was correct
She is a reflection of His face
When she smiles, His beauty shines


It pleased our Lord that I should see the following vision a number of times. I saw an angel near me, on the left side, in bodily form. This I am not wont to see, save very rarely… In this vision it pleased the Lord that I should see it thus. He was not tall, but short, marvelously beautiful, with a face which shone as though he were one of the highest of the angels, who seem to be all of fire: they must be those whom we call Seraphim… I saw in his hands a long golden spear, and at the point of the iron there seemed to be a little fire. This I thought that he thrust several times into my heart, and that it penetrated to my entrails. When he drew out the spear he seemed to be drawing them with it, leaving me all on fire with a wondrous love for God. The pain was so great that it caused me to utter several moans; and yet so exceeding sweet is this greatest of pains that it is impossible to desire to be rid of it, or for the soul to be content with less than God. ~~ St. Teresa Of Avila - Roman Catholic


The spiritual path isn’t about being somebody. It’s about being nobody. ~~ Ram Dass Vedanta -` Hindu


I am far too weak and feeble to express the mysteries of the Blessed. But I am His image and temple. ~~ Thomas Traherene


Friend, the only thing that can cure you of the desire for man’s praise or the hurt feelings and anger which come when it is not given, is by only seeking the glory that comes from God. Let the glory of the all-glorious God be everything to you. You will be freed from the glory of men and of self, and be content and glad to be nothing. ~~ Andrew Murray


I would give my soul to see Your face
to gaze into Your blessed eyes
I sacrifice myself for the sake of love
and cast myself into the flames of love’s passion
What sweet grace; I die so that I might live again
For while you slay me, Lord, it is so that I may live in You

Richard Crenshaw ~~ Protestant


Furthermore, although persons should consider their own poverty and worthlessness, they should not be grieved or depressed, but rather they should feel happy and consoled; for You daily choose the humble and those who are despised by the world to be Your special friends and servants. ~~ Thomas A. Kempis - Roman Catholic


Unless I put myself in the frame of mind of being willing to be despised and abandoned by all creatures and to be regarded as nothing, I can be neither inwardly at peace and steadfast, nor wholly united to You. ~~ Thomas Kempis - Roman Catholic