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Nathan Dow George book

An examination of Universalism: embracing its rise and progress, and the means of its propagation
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I just finished this rebuttal of Universalism and was wondering what you might have to say about it. He seems to make a pretty good case for the opposite of what we have been told of the early church fathers.I look forward to your response.
Thank you.

Fortyworc is talking about this book, James. … p9OQAACAAJ

Hi fortytworc,

Thank you for visiting. I have yet to read Nathan Dow George’s book, but I might have read some similar ideas. I have read different views of the early church fathers and I am not sure of what views George opposes.

This might help. I recently wrote a two-paragraph summary on my blog:

Did George object to what I wrote about Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, Evodius, and the Fifth Ecumenical Council?