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Need criticism of "The Evangelical Universalist" for 2nd Ed!

Robin has asked me to help find criticism of “The Evangelical Universalist” so he can hopefully address it in the 2nd Edition next year! :mrgreen:

So I’ve gone through both Luke & Joe’s sites, and the first 60 results brought up by Google.

If anyone else has any criticisms please let me know.

If it has study questions I wonder whether it would be of benefit to have a “further reading” section. There might be an equivalent in the first edition, but I can’t remember and I don’t have my copy. Perhaps the footnotes suffice. Just a thought.

So . . . are those willing to critique supposed to suggest things out of the blue, or will he e-mail a pdf? I do critiques for friends sometimes, and if he’d like to have me look at it, I’d be honored to give a layman’s perspective, for what that might be worth.

Thanks, I’ll pass the idea on :sunglasses:

The publishers have requested no changes to the main text so that the page numbers for quotes don’t change (although if there was something majorly flawed there might be a case). Unfortunately I don’t have a pdf :neutral_face: I’ve bought both the paperback & Kindle edition ( … B0051WA3M2).

Robin can start with his explanation of the refutation he received by Paul M in “Universalism, Colossians 1:15-20, 1 Corinthians 15:20-28, the Already–Not Yet and the Parousia”. That was epic!

Thanks Revival. I assume this is the Universalism, Colossians 1:15-20, 1 Corinthians 15:20-28, the Already–Not Yet and the Parousia. Robin commented on that post, but I’ll remind him of it in case he’s forgotten. So did Jason Col 1, 1 Cor 15, Already-Not Yet, and the Parousia

Alex, you mean you own the version that’s already in print? I do too, but if he wants a critique on his study questions, etc., we’d need to be able to see them. Or is it suggestions he wants?

Ah, sorry I was unclear, :blush: Robin wants to know what the main criticism is of the current version, so that hopefully he can respond in the second edition. However you raise a good point, I’ll ask if he wants us to give him feedback on the study questions etc.

Along with my argument from the two ages and already/not yet discussed here, I’d humbly toss this one out there:

I’d make some changes and shore it up in light of some of Jason Pratt’s criticisms, but I stand behind the argument in the main. It’s relevant since Parry uses the argument I’m responding to in TEU to argue against the ‘justice’ or ‘morality’ of an ‘infinite’ hell.

Agreed with PaulM, sort of. :mrgreen:

Please see my review of the 1st ed:

Evangelical Universalism - A Theological House of Cards

Link: … gical.html

Thanks for reading.


Thanks Emet, I’ve passed it on to Robin. If he doesn’t have time to reply to it, I’ll have a go :slight_smile: