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There is a discussion on facebook about whether Jesus had the pleasure of “cuddling” with anyone during his time on earth. naturally, the discussion turned sexual. Some are indicating that it would have been perfectly ok for jesus to have had sex…marriage was not mentioned. It was brought up that he could have had a relationship with a female or male.

I believe most of the contributors to the discussion are preterists. I guess I have a few questions.
Would sex outside marriage have been a sin for Jesus?
If the answer is yes, then, do preterists not believe sin exists ?
If it would have been sin, how do people say He could have had a sexual relationship when the Bible says he was without sin?

Most of the people on this forum are not preterists, right?
If you are not preterists, what are you? Futurists?

Thanks for shedding some light :slight_smile:



What is a preterist/futurist?



Thanks for your reply.

To the best of my knowledge, a preterist is one who believs all prophecy of the Bible has already been fulfilled, in Christ. I dont think they believe in a return of Christ or a physical resurrection. They believe that Jesus had already come back in AD 70. They believe that when Jesus was raised from the dead that we were too.

There’s probably more…

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I had the displeasure, of seeing that Facebook discussion and didn’t care to read any further than the initial question, “did Jesus …”

Debbie, let’s get started here with a, “by God, look at the sensationalistic author, bearing a proud sleeve of tattoos, demonstrating a love of self and a mind on the temporal.” Mama always told me, “you are, who you hang with.” With that lesson in mind, of course this man’s sensational question, of whether Jesus had someone to cuddle, would degenerate into a stinkfest of sensational stupidity. Doesn’t take much discernment with this confused fella and with those that promote and give license to his foolishness. Mama also taught, “hate stupidity, love stupid.”

I also remember once, hearing of this same fellow , in one of them God awful Universal Reconciliation conventions, prophesying over a young lady, we both know. He prophesied, with regards to her ponderance of marriage to a man she had been dating for a long time. Now, isn’t this just the guy you want telling you what God wants for your life.

Oh my, it is getting crazy out there! And for God’s sake, stay away from these foul UR gatherings, which give audience to such men as these! Better to fellowship the shut in widow down the street. that will teach you, pray the Father.

You asked for it, you got it,



Hey, you rascal :slight_smile: You saw it huh? There’s another similar discussion on now. You’ll be pleased to know I haven’t been to a conference in a long time now. We’re raising grandbabies for the time being…

Love ya Brother :slight_smile:



There are different shades of preterist. Orthodox or partial preterists don’t believe all prophecies have been fulfilled, just most of them. There are some partial preterists on this site. I have definite leanings in that direction.

That seems an odd question though, no matter what stripe of preterist you are.

No relationiships outside of family and disciples for Jesus were mentioned, so from scripture’s perspective it’s obviously not that important; someone is trying to push an agenda by asking the question. I very much doubt that Jesus had any physically intimate relationships.


I agree. It’s not so much that cuddling or heterosexual sexual relations or homosexual relations are wrong, it’s that Jesus’ worldview was apocalyptically directed. Paul (among others) believe that this is the human ideal after Christ, but accepts that for humanity this is often seen as undesirable or unattainable for many. And none should be ashamed if they cannot obtain this ideal. After all, our most natural state is to be paired with one another (Genesis).