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New Book from Different Angle

There’s a new book on the subject of Universal Salvation. What makes it different from others?

  1. It slowly brings the reader along and doesn’t pour things on them too soon. While this leads to some redundancy in the book, it’s often quite needful for the reader who needs time to digest all of the things he or she is reading for the first time, things that the reader has been conditioned to reject. Little by little, bit by bit, it could cause the reader to: be open to the subject, begin questioning eternal torment, believe in the possibility of salvation after death, and finally believe in universal salvation.
  2. It’s written from the position of a Premillennial Dispensationalist that uses the Bible first and foremost for truth. It utilizes a normal hermeneutic where the grammatical construction and historical context and usage of words takes precedent. Thus, it uses arguments that Evangelical and Fundamentalist pastors need to hear coming from such a perspective.
  3. It foresees the objections that the reader will have while reading and addresses them. It analyzes both sides of the arguments, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each, leaving the reader feeling that the subject has been covered well and that they now need to make a decision for themselves. While this makes the reading of this book somewhat more tedious and less witty, the value of seeing all sides of the arguments and covering details appeals to the well trained pastor who has questions and various personality types seeking such evidence.
  4. It has hyperlinks in the Kindle edition and clear footnotes. These show the reader where they can see for themselves how words were used in such a way that they support the universalist position. One of my biggest hangups with coming to believe in universal salvation was the word aionios. If this word only means eternal, that severely weakens the universalist position. Most other resources, such as Hanson’s book, leave it often difficult to look up where they are getting their quotes. I needed to see things for myself.
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