New Book: Raising Hell by Julie Ferwerda


Can’t remember how I got there, but this is a good read. Not too scholarly yet not just a lot of fluff either. I’m about 2/3 into the book and enjoying it very much.

You can find it through her web site at She offers a free PDF version also.

Very good review at

Sorry if I’m repeating something again :wink:


I was about to say Alice (author of has it as her FB photo :smiley:

She said on FB it’s about halfway between Love Wins & Hope Beyond Hell, so I think I’d better add it to my to read list, especially as it’s free (thanks for the link)!!

Also the first 3 books she recommends for further reading is a good indicator:



I’d also recommend chapter five, ‘How can a loving God send people to Hell?’, of Tim Keller’s wonderful book *The Reason for God. *


I have downloaded Ferwerda’s book on kindle and read a couple of chapters. Very well written and with great resources for further study. If the rest of the book lives up to expectations it should be in our recommended materials section. I will get around to read Keller too. He must have something better than the arguments he came up with in the Q&A following Don Carson’s talk at the recent Gospel Coalition convention.


I’ve read most of the book but can’t remember what he said in chapter 5, so I’ve got it off the shelve and put a bookmark in chapter 5 :slight_smile: