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New Brad Jersak video! Plato, Plantinga, and Paul—toward Christian knowing

In this edifying video, Brad Jersak explores “how we know what we know” through Plato, Plantinga, and Paul the Apostle. Growing up in Evangelicalism, he read books such as “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” but wasn’t satisfied. However, he explains how thanks to N.T. Wright and others, he discovered that there are more profound ways of knowing. He now believes in Cosmic Redemption and serves as a monastery preacher!

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He quite a few points during the 45 minute talk… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some the highlights for me were the benefits of a “Sufficient Warrant” approach rather than getting trapped in empiricism. I also liked his points relating to 3 interdependent witnesses pointing to Christ: Father-breathed Scripture, Son’s body the Church, Spirit indwelling in each of us.