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New Commentary on the Book of Romans

While there are books to promote universal salvation, there are very few Bible commentaries being written from within this perspective. It’s wonderful that there is literature to promote the belief of the eventual salvation of all. But it’s sad to see the dearth of biblical commentaries written by those who believe in universal salvation, commentaries which could help people in other areas of their lives.
Seeing the need, I translated my commentary on Romans into English. This commentary has been used by the Lord to transform the lives of very many people internationally, and is now available for Western audiences. It is one of the only commentaries on Romans from a universalist perspective. While some others exist, they are exceedingly few and far between, especially ones from within the past century. Its 178 pages provide a thorough line by line study of Romans based on exegesis of the Greek text, yet it is written in a manner that the average person can follow along. The links for the kindle and paperback versions are:

and for the paperback