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New film : Noah

Just saw a trailer for a film out next year ; Noah - yes, THAT Noah - starring Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins. It’s got a good look to it. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a good job will be done. Maybe.

I think I saw a dinosaur getting on board, but me eyes ain’t what they was, don’t you know?

I’m sure it will at least provoke some conversations, hopefully positive ones :slight_smile:

From IMDB:

Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah - that will save on make-up, at least. :laughing:

I really look forward to it, Dave. I don’t know whether it depicts dinosaurs. I personally believe in the global flood of Noah’s time. I have come to believe that the geology of the earth depicts catastrophe rather than slow formations due to erosion in deep time. I am right at this moment (pause) watching a NOVA documentary on how the Scablands were formed in eastern Washington “overnight” by the Missoula Floods, which may have been a subsidiary flood after Noah’s flood due to glacial lake outbursts. It demonstrates how a megaflood can carve a landscape as large as Scablands in a very short period of time.

This is the documentary if anyone is interested: Mystery of the Megaflood:

I think that the Scablands are the Rosetta Stone for deciphering other similar geological features throughout the world. Notice the canyons and dried up waterfalls (larger than Niagara Falls) and the planation surfaces which mimic so many other geological locations around the world; in the case of the Scablands… it is known that it was caused by a megaflood, and it is known that is occurred very rapidly.


I was kidding about T. Rex et. al. (Hey, that was almost clever - because T .Rex DID eat all, right?? He et all?) I’m giving myself :laughing: :laughing:

Looks like an interesting documentary Steve, I’ll take a look.

Looks interesting. I’m disappointed in the nickel “trailer” though! :frowning: :laughing:

The director is an avowed atheist and has said : “This is the least biblical movie ever made” :confused:

I wonder why they made it…i’m deeply skeptical, but then i am totally ambivalent to Russell Crowe. I am struggling to even remember a movie i’ve seen him in. I’m sure i have, but i don’t recall if i was impressed or not. Anthony Hopkins is different, however…if he played in an Alvin and the Chipmunks film i’d nearly be tempted to almost think about possibly watching a bit of it…which is high praise indeed!

Russell Crowe was in LA Confidential, James, which is a great movie. And he was pretty good in Les Miserables. The rest of his CV you can pretty much paper the lavatory with :laughing: .

How can you forget* A Beautiful Mind*, Johnny! :smiley: Crowe was actually nominated for the best actor Oscar for that one. The movie did win the Academy Awards for “Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress.” I actually like Crowe very much in Master and Commander as well. Wonderful music and Crowe does a good job, I think.

And pairing with Noah, what do you all think of the new Son of God movie? I don’t know about Noah, but I saw * Son of God * received terrible ratings as dull and cliche. My mom and brother plan to see it over spring break, and if I come along, I will at least take consolation in watching Hollywood’s latest “supermodel Jesus.” :blush: :laughing:

+1 on Master and Commander - Crowe did a good job, and it is a very entertaining flick.

I agree, Dave. It’s one I can watch again frequently …there aren’t many that I do. Paul Bettany is also great in that one! :smiley:

I did see that Son of God received poor ratings but haven’t heard much else. Will be interested to hear your take, Kate. :wink:


Okay chaps, I’ll give you Master and Commander. My Dad, who loves his naval history, says it’s great. And it’s a Peter Weir film.

But as for A Beautiful Mind, well I generally operate on the principle that the more Oscars a film wins, the more likely it is to be populist, brain dead pap. Titanic: case proven. Ok, ABM might not be in that league of papness, but Russell Crowe as a mathematician? You kidding me? What next, Dolph Lundgren as a neurosurgeon? Jean Claude Van Damme as a Benedictine Monk? You’ll be telling me they cast John Wayne as Genghis Khan next …



“Papness” - papness quotient, papness factor, the papness scale - I am totally into that word!! Thanks Johnny. :smiley:

:laughing: :laughing: I haven’t seen the movie for quite awhile (since shortly after it came out) so my memory may be a bit vague but if I am remembering correctly, he wasn’t doing the full-on, “Russell Crowe” at the time and was actually pretty believable. The movie also starred the wonderful Jennifer Connelly (who won an Oscar for her role) and Paul Bettany (who I always like.) Hmmm…I might have to watch it again. :wink:

Just to check the papness quotient, eh? :smiley:

Exactly! :laughing: I’ll submit my papness score once I’ve watched it… :wink:

The PQ!!