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New forum coming in March 2017


This will be my last post on these message boards.

Sometime in March 2017 I plan to start a new message board called [size=150]Nicean Universalism[/size]. Here is the address:

The message board will have a laser-like focus and cover a relatively narrow range of topics. As such, each new member will have to first agree to something very similar to the following. (Exact wording is still being finalized.)


Well, that’s a shame… I didn’t make the cut. That’s the safe thing about one’s ‘orthodoxy’ — CONTROL :mrgreen:


Dang, that leaves me out as well. And Paidion and Bob Wilson and others, methinks, due to the Trinitarian cut-off.


Ahh poo, I’m out also. :open_mouth: How can that be :question:


Thanks Geoffrey, but perhaps in the security of old age, I have no interest in a forum that does not allow one’s own perceptions to be challenged.


I suppose that leaves me out as well. :astonished: :frowning:
Nicean Universalist, isn’t this an oxymoron? I think a universalist would be one who simply believes in and shares the Spirit of God- love , forgiveness, truth, doing unto one another, etc. etc.

P.S. sorry, this will be my last post, as I noticed the forum is read-only from now on. :frowning:


Bummer, I did not make the cut either.


I side will all of Gregory’s concerns (creed, trinity, etc.). I just hope he honors the Holy Fool aspect, which is part of his Orthodox tradition. :laughing:


If only we could stick with ‘what is plainly taught in Scripture’ - we might all find a spot to roost.


While I stay within the creeds of Orthodoxy, I do deviate a bit (as I bring the wisdom traditions, in line with Christian revelation).

Today, a Roman Catholic friend from India, asked me to explain this healing process. I’m currently being healed, by traditional medicine (just to run tests), ancient medicine and spiritual healing and prayer. I tried to put it into a picture - she can understand. Here is my sharing.

The Native American medicine man and woman, works with a variety of approaches. Let’s first look at what Russell and Mark, share in common.

There’s a belief that energy exists in the universe. This is the creator’s energy. And folks can tap into it and heal. In China, Qi Gong masters use it. Native Americans use it - like Russell. Mark uses it. And they both use it, in conjunction with prayer. Just as homeopathic remedies, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine - manipulates it.

In Eastern Orthodoxy, there is a distinction between the essence of God and his energies. We can’t experience the essence of God. But we can experience his energies. I feel the Qi Gong masters and Native American medicine men and women - experience God’s energies. Just as Saints from the East do.

Now Russell goes further than Mark. He also has sent me herbs, which I received today. He has given me 3 different herbs and asked me to make a tea. In addition, he asked me to make a mixture. It’s of Maple Syrup and baking soda. I have a question into him. Asking how he learned of this and why it works.

Mark has also had me visualize the XXX disease. And see it as fluid and soft. These visualizations are common in Tibetan spirituality.

And the homeopath (with the 3 volume repertory, of 600 pages each)…has given me a targeted spectrum, of homeopathic medicines.

Here is what a friend of mine said, who is a Roman Catholic - with a PhD degree in psychology:

Let me share his meditation with you (from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation):

Hope this helps.