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Non Denominational, Community and Bible Churches

Here’s my question. What is the difference between Non Denominational, Community and Bible Churches? I found three answers, on the Protestant Got Questions site. What do you think the difference is?

What is a non-denominational church? What do non-denominational churches believe?
What is a community church?
“What is a Bible church?”

Still, the lines seem blurred at times. Any thoughts, anyone?

Purely from my experience, not much. I’ve heard that non-denominational church are basically Baptist churches where the people raise their hands more. And that’s not far from the truth! :laughing:

I know of several Baptist churches that have changed their names, even though they haven’t left the denomination, and replaced “Baptist” with “Community” in the attempt to reach their communities, letting them know even through their names that their communities are welcome.

What makes you ask this question?


There are many of each category in Wheaton, Illinois. Sometimes the lines seem blurred to me, regarding the differences. Even with the Got Questions answers. That’s why I am asking. When I did pay visits to all 3 categories, I only felt at home (at least, partially), in a community church.


Do you think it is due to the churches designation, the local flavor or something else?


When I go to a service, they all appear similar to a denominational Church. I suspect the designations are in many cases - just labels. Have you visited one of each category?

Randy said:

Well, my wife and I have sung at a lot of different churches, and I’m not sure about the Community or Bible church designation, though I do believe we probably visited a church that had ‘Bible’ in it’s name.

The non denominational churches, like you said, were often the same.

I would say they seem the same as a denominational church in that the folks who plant them are very probably from denominational backgrounds. Seems that they only know how to do church one way.

I would wonder if it is more about the people, than the name?

Just a thought?

The other thing they have in common is modern music and a big band. The conservative Anglican church I go to, has a traditional service. But when the weather is bad, i walk over to Lutheran church. They have a traditional service early in the morning and a modern one latter - which I would attend in bad weather. Actually, I like both styles.

The community church I like, in an adjacent city, has a bigger band and more instruments and singers. They also have many support groups, for just about every topic (i.e. grief, divorce, addiction, etc.). I also like that feature. Of course, I can belong to the Anglican church ,but take part in any support group, of the community church - if needed. And there’s even a larger mega bible church. There if you are a single person (for example), they have many activities, with large numbers in attendance.

So Randy, what would be your vision of a perfect church service?

One that is liturgical - of course. But that would limit it to the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran. :laughing:

And if they threw in some Joel Osteen motivational messages… some charismatic healing elements…some robots to man the collection plates and check in the coats (actually, we can defer this, until the technology catches up: Will Robots Save The Future Of Work?) - it would be heaven on earth. :laughing: