NT Wright again


This may not be the best forum, but I found this video interesting:


NWT is not a universalist, and I dislike his implication that univeraslism somehow contradicts the idea that “our choices in this life really matter”, but I still appreciate some of what he said.


Yeah, I agree with you on that score.


I’m new btw (to this forum anyway), but I really question that we really have any power over what goes on in our lives anyway. Sure, we have free will, but we’ve been set up by the Father to freely choose certain actions (he knowingly put us on Earth knowing what we would freely choose to do). It’s almost a paradox, but while we have always had free will we’ve been destined to make these choices by God himself. (Hence words by Paul such as Romans 11:32.) So I would disagree that Universalism really takes away from the idea of free will, which in one sense exists completely, and in the other sense, not at all.