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Obsolete: Forum will be read-only from March onwards

In technology, there really is no such thing - as a free lunch. I found this interesting article. It talks about the caps, hosting companies put on “unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage”…all for the amazing low price of XXX. Sounds similar to the Mobile phone company plans. And it’s geared to the layman - not geek or nerd. The article was last updated in February, 2017.

The Truth About Unlimited Hosting

three things you can count on death,taxes and change, the Trinity of life!

I once read, “The only things we can be sure about are death and taxes… and I’m not too sure about death.”

This forum has been a “light from many lamps” and I want to thank all those who worked hard to help create and maintain it over the years. I will surely miss everyone on here. Even though there have been disagreements, I considered this to be like a round table discussion amongst a group of friends, “breaking bread”, sharing thoughts and ideas, and learning a lot in the process. Somehow I feel like this is the last supper. :frowning: To all: I’d like to just say, keep the light burning until we meet again! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That reminds me of a song :question: :laughing:

That reminds me of a song :question: :laughing:

As Jesus said to his disciples before he ascended, “happy trails to you until we meet again.”

In a way, this saddens me that this message board will become read only. Now I’ll have to find other message boards
where Christians can attack me for what I believe. :smiley:

C’mon Eusebius… enough already with the *martyr complex * :laughing:

That ‘martyr’ post was ‘Justin’ time :laughing:

You been hanging around me too long, DaveB. :laughing:

Generally, people are not attacked for what they believe, but for the manner in which they attempt to justify what they believe.

Oh shut your face! :wink:

I made a forum a couple years ago, It has no members, lol, I never promote it, but it was really easy and cheap to do. I dont have time to run a forum, so I set up the threads to be basic studies limited to UR, and I may use it to archive some of my UR focused posts from here and Tentmaker. I think it costs me about 110.00 dollars a year. Its a phpBB forum @ I will keep an eye out to see if anyone is interested in it, but its purpose is strictly UR focused, unless I was to create a hidden “anything goes” area. Facebook has some good features, but I think it is just too limited for discussion, and the “thread” method is the only way i’ve seen to maintain a topic.

In an ideal world the “facial” portion of the forum would be a place where the nuts and bolts of UR/Salvation of All/ Biblical Christian Universalism would be presented clearly and consistently.

Tangental theological rabbit holes could be discussed by thicker skinned established members in a hidden area ot the forum covered by a big disclaimer, “Let no timid enter here” :laughing:

The conflict between trying to present this wonderful gospel message, and having it lost and buried beneath the kudzu of systematic theologies of different brands, is one I think needs to be resolved somewhere(not sure where and how, but would like to see it).

Anyway, it definitely takes time to create and monitor such a thing, and I appreciate the time invested by the founders of this forum, and I think the general tone of the forum has been pretty good.

Oh, well put matey!

How are we still posting???

I haven’t had a chance to freeze things yet :slight_smile:

Also, I gathered that the plan wasn’t to freeze posts until next month? We just aren’t accepting new members from March 1 onward.

I can vent my spleen the rest of the month???

Woooooohooooooo :smiley:

I haven’t had a chance to freeze things yet :slight_smile:
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Take your time, like a few months!