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I haven’t had a chance to freeze things yet :slight_smile:
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Take your time, like a few months!


Many, many thanks to you all for hosting this forum - I have enjoyed it mostly vicariously through my husband. You all have enriched our lives by engaging yourselves in these discussions.

I definitely want to gather up all his three-some-thousand posts before the door finally closes - as well as some other people’s.

I am more of a facebook person, so I may see you there as Jean Clink.

Many of my fb friends are evangelical so I post on my page things that I find that will provoke them to think a little further than black-white, heaven or hell, so I understand the desire for anonymity - I don’t want to be in their faces with my beliefs that are so different from theirs.

The only closed FB group I was turned away from was a Vietnam Veterans group for people who had been ‘in the land’.

I have heard that Zuckerberg is censoring facebook, so if you are Right wing, you may be affected. I have my ear out for another social media place - there are some that you can’t use with a computer, so there are limitations.

Bless you all - hope we meet again - on this earth, I mean. !!


That must have been what happened to Jesus, Paul and all who were martyred. If only they just kept their mouths shut.

But really, no one has been martyred here . . . that I know of. And it is improper for someone to claim I have a martyr complex (which is just another form of attack on me by the way), for stating that, for the most part, I have been attacked for what I believe. People just don’t like to be told they are wrong, including me. But we need to be like the Bereans who were more noble than the others who searched the Scriptures to see if these have it right. We all need to swallow our pride and ask God for help.

Paidion, I may not agree with some things you’ve written, but I do appreciate that what you write is unique to you and is very special.
One day everyone will come into a realization of the truth for God has promised us in 1 Timothy 2:4-6. I can’t wait for everyone to catch up with me. LOL!!! :laughing:


[size=150]Oh dear…[/size] :blush: :mrgreen:


Poor Eusebius. Attacked for what he believes. And accused of having a martyr complex.


I found some fellows, who have a bone or two - to pick with Eusebius :exclamation: :laughing:


That was almost humerus. I was going to have Patella, but he’s in Palatine.


Was that humerus or a fibula?


Hahhhhha…it was just a good-natured ribbing…


Come on guys, that isn’t Godly behavior. I don’t agree with hardly anything he has posted, but to insinuate he is a sensitive cry baby is definitely not loving your neighbor. Let’s not be rude.


Should have been “, but Pat’s in Palatine”

That was almost ‘humorous’. I was going to have ‘Pat tell ya’, but Pat’s in PAlaTine

Palatine: The palatine bones are two irregular bones of the facial skeleton in many animal species. Together with the maxillae they comprise the hard palate.

Some reviews of this post:

“[T]he DaveB manner is arresting purely as craftsmanship. . . . seldom has a literary style so precisely jumped with the time. . . . a moving and beautiful post.”

“He has moved steadily toward mastery of his technique . .”

“Here, then, is DaveB’s new post, a little less than perfect, but proof positive that he is still the old master.”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Too much time on my hands…


There was no insinuation or rudeness involved. What we did was a natural response (good-natured ribbing) to his claim to have been attacked for his beliefs. He hadn’t been attacked. But whenever someone expressed disagreement he seemed to take it as an attack. He also claimed people had accused him of having a martyr complex. I saw no evidence of this.


Davo back on page one accused him of the martyr complex, as part of some good natured ribbing (leading to puns), for his habit of treating disagreements as “attacks” on him for what he believes.

Which he proceeded to treat as just another “attack” on hm. :unamused: But Eusebius was correct about someone in the thread saying he has a martyr complex.


Jason… seriously??? That was NO “accusation” as per what that word conjures up. Eusebius was just being too precious; he needs to harden up and relax — if both those things aren’t mutually exclusive, lol. :laughing:


Perhaps there’s been a cultural misunderstanding on eusebius’s part. Australians tend to be much more rough and tumble than Americans. There’s actually a movie, Crocodile Dundee, all about this cultural difference between Americans and Australians.


Perhaps there’s been a cultural misunderstanding on eusebius’s part. Australians tend to be much more rough and tumble than Americans. There’s actually a movie, Crocodile Dundee, all about this cultural difference between Americans and Australians.

Now this is a knife! Mate! :smiley:


I remember when I visited, an Australian university’s, philosophy department. It seemed like only yesterday… :laughing:


Granted on the latter, but “enough already with the X” implies some kind of accusation that an X which should not be done is being done.


Lol… I can’t believe I’m actually responding to this. :unamused:

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see the light-heart nature of Eusebius’ “Now I’ll have to find other message boards where Christians can attack me for what I believe. :smiley:— ESPECIALLY his use of the… :smiley: It was to this I responded in-kind with my quip, note, not an accusation; followed by, just to make it plain (but apparently not) my own… :laughing:

That Eusebius then later on chose to make this the source of some egregious complaint, and all the head-scratching palaver that followed, has left me thinking…


Well, then, I demonstrably had at least an ounce of common sense, since from the beginning I correctly identified the accusation as good-natured ribbing and NOT as an attack (including a plain eyeroll at treating it as an attack), although Eu did.

A joking accusation is still an accusation as well as a joke. It was not an attack, and I’m not the one who treated it as such. The Judge Judy gif is, however, apt.