Obsolete: Forum will be read-only from March onwards


Update! –

…well, the update is that there is no update yet. I’m as surprised and pleased as anyone that the forum hasn’t gone to read-only yet. Alex, with some others, is still working on porting the forum, but it hasn’t happened yet (due to them being busy on real-life things). So I’m glad the forum is still going here meanwhile! (Also, new membership hasn’t technically shut down either; I’ve ported one or two through the spamcatcher myself since then. And bounced a few spammers. :wink: )

I suppose I’ll have come up with some reasonable update text for the main index page news window. :unamused: But I didn’t want members and guests to be completely in the dark about why the forum has neither frozen nor migrated yet.

Back to the usual usuals! :mrgreen:


Jason, I hardly ever see you on here. What’s new with you?


Well, I did a new TEUS episode a few weeks (…wait, months?) ago! – although I don’t think Erik or whoever is in charge of putting it up, has put it up very clearly yet. (It wasn’t in the show list last time I checked either.)

Mostly I’ve stayed away from tough topics for a while due to stress at work.


Sorry to hear work has been stressful. If you ever need to vent feel free to PM me. Speaking of PMs, we were having a great STTH conversation which left off with you saying you’d get back to the rest of my questions later. I hope you still plan on continuing the STTH convo. I was learning a lot!


Oh, whoops! – sorry, my absent-mindness dropped that. I’ll look back into it. :blush:


Yeah, in addition to my questions before, I have some new thoughts on an argument made by Hasker and JB Pratt.


I dl’d JBPratt’s book (no relation :wink: ), but haven’t read it yet.


Hope to hear from you soon Jason! I still have the PM with those questions in case you deleted it.

Enjoy your weekend.


Last year i found large portions of the 900 page version available for free online. Have previously posted links re that.

Today i found the entire 900 page book available for free online reading, downloading & printing out via the online library system.

I guess that’s all i’m going to say about that publicly. Maybe i’ve said too much already ;

Seek & ye shall find.


Sought, did not find…PM?


There’s quite a bit of interest in universalism etc on forums at this site:



I’ll give it a try, thanks.


I reckon Reddit would be good. I still haven’t figured out what to do with this forum as it does have some excellent content & is still used. I’ve got my long service leave coming up soon so hoping to take another look at everything. e.g. I might try creating a blank forum on the latest platform in a sandbox & see how well all the content would migrate—if that works, there’s a chance we could keep things ticking along here for longer. No promises though, these things often have unexpected hurdles.


So noted. :nerd:


Sandbox?? Doesn’t sound very hygienic. :open_mouth: :laughing:


For everyone’s benefit, I present this Wiki article at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandbox_(software_development) :smiley:

A normal sandbox is usually sanitary. Unless a herd of zombie children - were playing in it. :laughing:

Hey, Dracula. You are in the wrong GIF. We are talking about zombie children - not vampires. :laughing:


Ah… a safe place.




Actually, he’s talking abut wolves. Who would defile your sandbox somewhat more prosaically than zombies. (Although cats would do so more specifically. But even Dracula wouldn’t be able to appreciate the music of those children of the night. :mrgreen: )


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: