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Obsolete: Forum will be read-only from March onwards


I’m baffled. Yes, I belong to the last century, but help me out here. March when? 2017? 2018? The first post in this string is dated February 2017.

I don’t use Facebook. I did once but started worrying about the possibility of identity theft so quit.

How am I going to converse with the friends I think I made since joining December 15, 2017?


If this forum does go down, I have a forum that is still relatively new but can facilitate those users that don’t have facebook and the like.

It is also a forum favoring Universal Salvation discussions. It is located here:


The expected date for “read-only” to commence was March of last year, but that has been put on hold indefinitely, though AFAIK could come into effect at any moment.

Several members in this thread have stated they will not use Facebook. There are other alternatives that i will list below.

Regarding where else, besides Facebook, to contact members of this site:

Paidon & steve 7150 post here:

Many universalists post on this site, including some members of our forums here at EU: … ology.130/

I often post there & occasionally here as ClementofA:

Some members here (sven, Eusebius, rogertutt) have also posted at the city-data site above, though, AFAIK, not recently.

Another site that has been suggested is:


I remember someone mentioned Tent Maker ( - a Universist site - has a forum at


Yep I’m a member there.


It was March 2017; the hosting area has allowed the engine to keep working for who knows how long.


Re funding for the site, it was not long ago several people offered to help financially. Why can’t some professional tech people be hired to get the job done (as in convert this site to a similar & permanent one) within a few days?


Re funding for the site, it was not long ago several people offered to help financially. Why can’t some professional tech people be hired to get the job done (as in convert this site to a similar & permanent one) within a few days?

I would contribute but i think Jason said it was not a money issue


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind funding someone hired professionally to port the site over. Or taking donations for it either. :wink:

[tag]Alex Smith[/tag] would have to arrange that, though. (Theoretically one of the owners or other admins could, I suppose, but he’s the one currently most familiar with the guts of the engine.)


Sorry, the forum didn’t tell me about this tag :confused: Anyway, looking into the website has been on my to-do list for ages. I had aimed to sort it out over my long service leave but other more pressing issues came up… I’ll have a chat to a web guru friend & offer to pay him to migrate us, so that at least we have up-to-date backend software & then we can figure out the moderation issues separately.


I’m very sad this wonderful website is closing…lost forever.



well, I’m willing to help and support this site financially…just dont know how to go about it.


I am also willing to donate some money to keep this place running.


You can talk to Alex, guys. He’s trying to find a way to keep it going, but the problem (here) is that soon the forum software will no longer be supported. He’s had a hard time finding a platform to move it to without quite a lot of money changing hands. (More than I can help out with–and to be fair moving it would be a big job and no doubt worth the quotes he’s gotten.) I think we just have to wait and see what he comes up with unless you guys have ideas. I don’t know enough tech stuff to even discuss it intelligently.



What are the quoted prices?

Where & how can people send funds?

When will the forum software no longer be supported & the forum go to read-only? How long would the read-only forum survive?

Will a new site be purchased, or merely rented with the same problem potentially occurring again? Perhaps it would be more economical to purchase a forum like this site, link to this one, & allow people to move/copy/duplicate threads & posts (their own & others) over to the new one at their leisure?

“Before you think about starting a new blog you might want to consider buying one that is already profitable. Buying websites is now serious business and, if you know what you’re doing, it can be a really smart financial decision.”


Hi, Origen

One guy Alex talked to proposed to move everything over to a new platform for about $1500 (USD, I assume, but maybe not, since Alex is an Aussie.) That wasn’t a finalized estimate–just a guestimate. On top of that, it would be $100 to install and $10/month (unmaintained). If the volume of posts were to increase at some point, we’d have to upgrade to a maintained account. Alex didn’t say how much that would be. But you can talk to him. Just hit the PM button next to any of his posts–there are some on this topic. If you go to the beginning, you’ll definitely find him, since he’s the OP. He’ll get a notice in his e-mail as soon as you send a PM. If you have any ideas, I know he’d be glad to hear them. I know he’d like to get this whole thing settled and I suspect he’d love to have it off his hands. He’s been the go-to guy for a long time.

Thanks for caring. :slight_smile: Drop him a note.


Oh yes… I just realized I didn’t answer your other questions. The only thing I can say is that we don’t know. Alex was led to believe it would have been quite a lot earlier. We’re all kind of surprised we’re still here.


What? A measley 1500 Kangaroo dollars? I’d have guessed at least 15K US. If only Hermano had known that a year ago :laughing:


According to - as of today…!500 Australian dollars equals 1175.87 US dollars. You can Google “convert currency online”, for other currency converters.