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So in Bitcoins that would be, what, about one Bitcoin? It’s sounding cheaper by the minute ;


If you put in “convert Australian dollars to bitcoin”, at the top of the Google search, page 1,…If I put in 1500 Australian dollars, then it comes out 0.11 Bitcoin. Perhaps you (or someone here), might wish to start a funding page at Go Fund Me (gofundme.com). It’s just a suggestion. Which would probably be best initiated, by one of the admins here?

Speaking of technology. I am now in the Opera browser on Windows 10. But I also have a fully loaded Firefox and Google Chrome available - if needed? Why Opera? They offer a free and unlimited VPN, with servers in the US also. Even though they are now brought by a Chinese company, I use Sophos Home Premium. Which also encrypts, any data I type. And the plug-in HTTP Everywhere, also forces another layer of encryption. Opera offers some good plug-ins, like the security ones for Avira, Avast, and WOT. Along with Adguard and Ghostery. And LastPass to manage passwords. But there’s also one called install Chrome extensions. Which also allows me to install Data Saver, which compresses data on Google Servers. And Grammarly, which checks some spelling and style stuff. Also Pop Up Blocker for Chrome.


Alex asked me to look into a crowd funding option. You’ve suggested one, Randy. I don’t know ANYTHING about this, so any and all advice would be appreciated.


Hi, Cindy. My cousin and her husband, had a friend from Scotland - of many years. He became ill this year and died of stage 4, Pancreatic cancer. Well, he didn’t really leave many funds, for burial and such. So Julie’s (my cousin) husband Alen… suggested to set up, a Go Fund Me page at gofundme.com. And they asked me, to promote it on Facebook. I gladly complied, since Scott and Julie are families. It did raise the capital needed (probably in the same ballpark, as the funds needed here - perhaps more). So I can recommend, this platform from experience. Of course, I recommend this to be started, by someone like you or Jason here.

Here’s an article for everyone regarding Opera (Although I also believe, in having Chrome and Firefox - as backups):

10 reasons you need to ditch Chrome for Opera


Thanks, Randy

I started setting it up, but then it looked like the money would have to come to me, so I quit at that step. I sent the link to Alex, because it only took me a few minutes to get to that point, and with him being in Australia and all and him being the one who’ll be obtaining the services, it looked like that would be a lot simpler. I just messaged him and haven’t heard back yet. At any rate, I will be asking for advice from you and everyone else who may have some to offer, for promoting the campaign. Thanks again!


The person doing the migrating would be in the United States, so no reason to worry about currency conversion – at least on this end! (We have members all over the world.)

We’re working out details on how to proceed. Come to think of it, we need a new thread for polling about how much members would be able and willing to contribute.


Thankfully we found a way forward without needing to retire the forum :slight_smile:

See Forum running costs for details.