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Outbox not sending PM's

I have three PM’s sitting in my outbox. There is a ‘date sent’ that is correct, but the messages are still showing in the outbox, and I have not heard from any of the intended recipients. How can I know if the messages actually were sent. They do NOT show up in the ‘sent’ folder.

Dave, I think the letters remain in your outbox until they’re picked up. I personally have my messages sent to my e-mail, so I may have your letters while they’re still technically sitting in your outbox – I’m not sure about that. But I do think that having them in the outbox more or less means the person hasn’t yet opened them. [tag]Alex[/tag] could probably clarify that, if he’s available. He was going to be away for a little bit, but I’m not sure when that’s starting.

Ah, so…thanks.

Yep, true. If someone hasn’t gone to their pm yet, the messages aren’t picked up yet, so they’ll still be in the outbox. I have a few left in there over the years myself.