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Passing of Gary Amirault of


One of the great proclaimers of Evangelical Universalism is with Jesus. His website is a rich resource which has helped many. Here’s a note from Gerry Beauchemin.

My dear brothers and sisters,
With great sadness, I must share this message from Gary Amirault’s daughter, Elena:
“My sweet daddy has passed. His heart couldn’t take the pain (of losing his wife Michelle on July 31) and he went to be with mom. I am too shattered to make the calls right now so please share with those he knew and loved.” Nov 4, 2018.
Please pray for Elena, who in addition to losing her mom 3 months ago, lost her only sibling (Scott at 30 yrs of age) about 8 or 9 years ago. The lost her whole family. I can’t imagine her pain. I know she was so close to her dad.
Thank you for your prayers,
I too am in shock


May Gary rest in peace. Great man.


RIP Gary. You did good work.


The following post is from:


So sorry to hear as i learned a lot from his website! He is with the Lord!


Dang, that is so sad. I will miss Gary. I might not even be a Christian right now if it weren’t for me stumbling upon his Youtube channel and learning there was such a thing as Christian universalism.